Personal Letters

The Black Elk Historical Commission will frequently share information — link to web site, social media — personal letters written by Nicholas Black Elk, both in Lakota and translated to English have been sent to Rome to substantiate the cause for canonization of the Servant of God! Servant of God Nicholas Black Elk, please pray for us!

1885.Feb.         A Letter by Black Elk in Iapi Oaye  – English & Lakota

1888.2-15        Wild West Show 

1889.Dec         Letter to Relatives, traveling 

1900x              (undated} Pastoral letter, new church in Manderson 

1907.1-15        Pastoral letter, Pine Ridge, SD 

1907.3-15        Pastoral letter, Rosebud Reservation

1907.4-21        Pastoral letter, God is Merciful 

1907.10-20     St. Joseph Society 

1908.1-26        Christmas

1908.7-15        Journey to Wyoming, the land of the Arapahos, bringing Good News

1909.7-15        Upcoming Catholic Sioux Congress meetings

1909.10-18      Meeting with Apostolic Delegate in Washington, D.C.

1911.11-2        Die to your old self

1913. 4-13       Announcements

1914.1-6          As Catholics, strive a bit for this world’s honors

1914.1-17        Meeting was held on the Cheyenne River reservation

1915.2-15        The CRYER

1915.4-24        Announcement: meeting in Yankton community

1916.3-22        Our Savior did not live on Earth to no purpose

1934.1-24        Black Elk speaks again – A Last Word

1934.9-20        Black Elk, handwritten letter about Neihardt story book

1948.3-4          Letter to Fr. Gall